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Many people have suffered lasting injuries and scars as a result of medical mistakes which were made during surgery. In some cases, some people have been unable to live their best lives based on such mistakes. Quite recently, a study which was published by the medical journal Surgery revealed that about one-third of the surgical errors reviewed during the study period resulted in permanent injuries affecting the patient’s quality of life.

While it is established that any form of invasive surgical procedure carries risks, there are some errors that may be prevented and when they occur, they can be attributed to the negligence or wrongdoing of one or more persons on the surgical team. If an error has been caused as a result of the negligence of another person, the injured person, or their surviving family members can sue for compensation aimed at recovering their losses. Such a claim as this will be filed under the medical malpractice claim.

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Common Errors During Surgical Procedures

As mentioned, surgical procedures carry some risks which may be high in some cases and low in others, this depending on the severity of the surgical procedure. According to the report published in a medical journal, Surgery there are at least 80 cases of surgical mistakes in a week in the United States alone. In most cases, thousands of these errors are recorded as non-events and swept under the carpet.
The report further revealed that as much as 6.6 percent of the affected patients died as a result of the surgical error and about 32.9 percent of the affected victims suffered permanent injuries. 52.9 percent of the affected victims, however, reported a temporary injury.

As surgical errors begin to enjoy the limelight as part of medical malpractice cases, there are some of these errors that have been reported more. some of the more reported errors include:

  1. Retained foreign body
  2. Wrong-site surgery
  3. Wrong patient
  4. Wrong surgical procedure.


In cases of retained foreign bodies, some of the most common materials or items which are retained as a result of the surgical error include clamps, sponges, needles, and other tools which have been used during the surgical procedure. According to the journal, surgical sponges are the most left behind in the body of the patient and are the hardest to track.

Other common surgical errors that are less frequent include:

  1. Pre-operative errors: These errors arise during preparation for surgical procedures. This may be due to ill advice on the part of the surgical team as patients may be needed to take specific diets, medications, or abstain from certain things in the lead up to the procedure.
  2. Anesthesia error: errors may arise as a result of the wrong administration of anesthesia to the patient. These errors may be in the form of wrong dosage or serious complications. Anesthesiologists are required to closely monitor the vital signs of the patients during the procedure.
  3. Organ perforation or puncture: during surgical procedures, an organ may accidentally be punctured or perforated by a sharp surgical instrument. These internal injuries may open the patient to infection which may cause other problems if not noticed earlier.