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The point at which a loved one requires 24-hour care represents a truly gut-wrenching scenario. Furthermore, locating a suitable and favorable accommodation presents a nerve-wracking process. Following the move, you expect the highest standard of care,You are ultimately resting easier with the knowledge that your family member is in trustworthy hands, only for this safety net to break, upon learning they are being subjected to abuse by the staff . Normally it should be easy to trust nursing home workers to give care equivalent to your family standards. However, this ideal is not the lived reality in nursing homes

Abuse Can Occur In Various Mortifying Ways

When a family member is a victim of abuse there are physical and emotional signs which could indicate the underlying experience of abuse.

Active or Passive Neglect

The victim could be subject to malnourishment, chronic psychological or physical health issues, bed sores, dehydration or lack of personal care.
Physical abuse. The victim may display symptoms of restraint and or physical trauma, recurring injuries (with little to no explanation).

Psychological Abuse

The victim may through their conduct demonstrate apprehension,depression,, anxiety and possibly exhibit behavioral signs including shaking,recoiling, evasiveness and agitation.

Sexual Abuse

The victim may demonstrate genitalia trauma, contract venereal diseases, or exhibit majority of the indicators related to sexual abuse

Nursing Home Neglect Should Never Happen

Unfortunately, mistakes made by nursing home staff occur far too often. If you discover your relative has suffered abuse or neglect; the staff may excuse their behavior by delegating blame to the resident’s advanced age. This is nothing but a fallacy. Most traumas that residents face are as a result of the negligence of nursing home staff. This negligence entails:

  1. Dehydration & Malnutrition
  2. Fall Injuries
  3. Home Health Care Provider Negligence & Abuse
  4. Insufficient Supervision
  5. Nursing Home Bedsores


How Can I Eliminate The Abuse?

We often hope that if a dear one has had a devastating experience they will be able to disclose this sensitive information to us. Sadly, this is often not the reality. A person may be overwhelmed by their sickness to the point they are unable to effectively communicate. Alternatively, they may be fearful or embarrassed about speaking on the subject. Additionally, they may have received threats of assault if they were to disclose information regarding the events that occurred within the nursing home.

Ensure you ask definite questions and examine them for evidence of physical abuse to ascertain your concern. Gather evidence through keeping updated accounts of plausible abuse through photographing injuries, ill-suited conditions and detailed note-taking of your family members healthcare routine, medications, and any additional anomalies .

How Can You Assist Us?

Our medical malpractice lawyers are equipped with up to date technology and are complemented by our experienced staff who treat our work seriously. We will utilize the resources at our disposal to satisfactorily investigate your family members situation to set things straight. Moreover, we will use our influence to protect them alongside preventing the future recurrence of these erroneous acts.