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Medical errors are on the increase and this may be due to a number of reasons. However, as a patient, you expect to get the best quality care from your primary care service provider, and anything short of this standard of care is a breach of contract.

There are several medical errors arising from mistakes made by nurses across the country and this may in some cases be attributed to the lack of enough nursing staff to attend to the growing population of patients in hospitals and medical care facilities.

Due to a shortage of nurses and hospital downsizing, nursing malpractice cases have been on the increase in recent times. A shortage of nursing staff inadvertently puts extra workload on active nurses, compromising their ability to deliver top-notch medical care and assistance to patients. In addition to the shortage in the nursing staff, advanced technologies in the healthcare sector are beginning to surface this demanding that nurses update their knowledge to help them better handle these technologies, these, however, may prove to be a serious problem as most of the active nurses lack the necessary information to enable them to operate such technologies.

Despite the increasing pressure, nurses are still expected to deliver the gold standards of healthcare and nursing services to patients. While not every bad outcome can be attributed to nursing malpractice, there are some scenarios which may lead to injuries or in other cases, the death of a patient due to malpractice or negligence on the part of the nursing staff.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or worse as a result of nursing malpractice, our Texas Nursing Malpractice Attorney are ready to take on your case, offering free initial consultation and case review to enable us better determine whether you have a claim case on your hands and offer you the needed legal advice to ensure that you remain eligible for the maximum possible compensation.

Common Negligent Errors

A report released by the Nurse Service Organization (NSO) revealed the leading and most common type of negligent errors committed by nurses and those for which malpractice claims are filed.

These include:

  1. Diagnosis-related errors: Diagnosis-related errors may be presented in a number of ways including failure to diagnose patient’s condition, delayed diagnosis, and missed diagnosis. Diagnostic errors may be committed when a nurse fails to order necessary tests or when the nurse fails to seek proper diagnostic consultations, or when they fail to address or misinterpret the test results. Such errors as this may lead to injuries like infections, sepsis, cancer, and abscess.
  2. Treatment-related errors: These may be in the form of delayed treatment of medical conditions or failure to properly administer treatment. Also, treatment-related errors could be in the form of the use of improper techniques or negligence with respect to treatment procedures. A nurse may also be held liable when they fail to test, deliver untimely responses to the patient’s concerns, are found guilty for improper management of complications.
  3. Medication errors: Such errors as this can occur in a number of ways including administration of medicine without proper consultation of patient’s medical history and records. A nurse may also be found to have administered the wrong medication or the correct medication in the wrong dose.

Other types of negligence include:

  1. Failure to communicate
  2. Failure to assess and monitor a patient’s health
  3. Improper use of medical equipment
  4. Failure to document
  5. Giving the wrong type of food or drinks to patients
  6. Failure to take proper sanitary precautions