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Defective Medical Device Attorneys in El Paso, Texas

Modern healthcare has been completely transformed by the use of medical devices. But what happens when these devices turn out to be faulty or defective? The results of using such a medical device can be disastrous, causing injury to and even death of the patient.

Usually when a device is reported as malfunctioning, the norm is for the manufacturing company to recall the product from the market. But sadly, that does not always happen. Some manufacturers also try to prevent losses by covering up and denying such allegations. In that case the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible to step in and ensure the product recall happens. But this is a long process and in the meantime the faulty devices still remain available for the uninformed people to buy and eventually they suffer.

Why Defective Medical Devices come to the market?

Of course manufacturers do not release defective devices to the market on purpose. In majority of cases, it happens because of negligence in research and testing practices. The device gets marketed without carrying out proper and conclusive checks.

FDA has set rigorous testing standards before a company can start selling a medical device, But even then some times even the most meticulous processes are not fool proof. In all such cases, the extent of the problem caused by such faulty devices is known only after a significant number of people are affected after using them.

Examples of Faulty Medical Devices

Over the years, since its inception, there has been numerous instances of faulty medical devices across the globe. This list includes both complex devices like the pacemakers as well as simple things like a birth control patch. Below are some of the most common examples of such defective medical devices known to us, along with their impact-

Pacemakers which fail to maintain the proper rhythm of the heart and can result in death.Artificial heart valve implants that leak or break and requires multiple surgeries for fixing them. They can also be fatal.Defective breast implants that results in damage to the immune system.Faulty knee or hip replacements parts that results in the particular joint not working properly and requires multiple surgeries to set right.Gynecological tools that have not been sterilized properly and resulted in infection and even miscarriages and infertility in some cases.Infections caused by other improperly sterilized or non-sterilized medical devices.Malfunctioning of devices like a pain pump, insulin pump or a breast milk pump.

So, why file a claim through a lawyer?

As is evident from the above mentioned points, use of a defective medical device can often require painful interventions like surgeries. This is in addition to the suffering and damage already caused by the defective device.

In such a case, it is prudent to take the help of an experienced and trained attorney to pursue a case against the device manufacturer. Medical product liability is a complicated field and our medical malpractice experts are best suited to help you in this regards. We always work with utmost sincerity so that you are appropriately compensated financially for the damage caused to you.

So, if you have ever incurred damages due to a malfunctioning medical device or know of a loved one who has, please get in touch with our law firm to know if filing a lawsuit is the relevant course of action for you.