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What Can be Considered Medical Malpractice?

When people hear “medical malpractice” then tend to only think of doctors. However, malpractice can be claimed of any healthcare service provider including nurses, anesthesiologist, pharmacists and more. To get a better picture, below are some of the potentially liable parties:

– Doctors
– Nurse practitioners
– Nurses
– Hospitals
– Therapists
– Surgery centers
– Psychologists
– Anesthesiologists
– Psychiatrists
– Nurse anesthesiologists
– Nursing assistants
– Nurse aids
– Physical therapist
– Midwives
– Nurse aids
– Lab technicians
– Medical spa
– Walk-in care facilities

Medical Malpractice Injuries Handled by Texas Medical Malpractice Attorney

We have a team of Texas medical malpractice attorneys who work on a wide range of cases and injuries, representing the interest of clients and ensuring that they remain eligible to compensation. Some of the common injuries which victims can report to their medical malpractice lawyers for compensations include:

– Birth injuries
– Nursing home abuse
– Dentist malpractice
– Cancer misdiagnosis
– Failure to diagnose
– Surgical errors and mistakes
– Defective medical devices
– Failure to treat
– Prescription drug error
– Nursing malpractice
– Hospital errors and mistakes
– And many more.

How Do I Know if I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

This is one of the commonest questions asked. To establish a medical malpractice case, you should see our attorneys for a free case evaluation today. They can analyze your case and decide on whether you have a medical malpractice case on your hands or not.